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Girls Of The USA: A Playlist

Yesterday I published a playlist inspired by girls of the world. As a follow-up, I thought I would create a list inspired by girls from different states here at home in the USA. Just as women from different countries have varying degrees of mystique, women from different states conjure various stereotypes. In music, it was the Beach Boys who put the California girl on the map, and made them the most famous in all these 50 united states. But other states have their own claims to fame regarding women in song. This playlist includes 21 songs inspired by women from 21 different states. That means I'm missing 29 states, so what would you add to complete the list?

Girls Of The USA: A Playlist

1. California Girls - The Beach Boys 

2. Jersey Girl - Tom Waits 

3. Colorado Girl - Townes Van Zandt 

4. The Girls From Texas - Ry Cooder 

5. Tennessee Girl - Sammy Kershaw 

6. Kentucky Girl - Larry Sparks 

7. New York Girls - Morningwood 

8. New Hampshire Girl - Hutch

9. Georgia Girl - Collective Soul 

10. Oregon Girl - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin 

11. Carolina Girls - General Johnson & Chairmen Of The Board 

12. Girl From Ohio - The Outlaws

13. Pennsylvania Girl - Cravin' Dogs

14. Girl From Maine - Mischievous Badger

15. Iowa Girl - David Williams

16. My Girl in Alaska - Paul Fischer Writes Songs 

17. Girl From Hawaii - Mon Chéri

18. Florida Girl - Music Bureau

19. Girl in New Mexico - Michael Fracasso

20. Idaho Girl - Jonathan Stier

21. Michigan Girl - Jeff Arundel

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