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Girls Of The World: A Playlist

There's nothing that testosterone-fueled rockers like to sing about more than girls. Not even drugs, or fast cars can hold a candle to the power of the female form. And seeing that many rock bands get to see the world while on tour, it makes sense that many tunes have been inspired by women from across the globe. Including exotic women from other cultures in a song can help add mystery, and for this playlist I've selected a dozen songs inspired by women from a dozen different countries. Now seeing that there are 196 countries in the world, I'm sure to be missing a bunch here. So what would you add?

Girls Of The World: A Playlist

1. American Girl - Tom Petty 

2. China Girl - David Bowie 

3. Mexican Girl - Brian Wilson 

4. Canadian Girl - The Walkmen 

5. English Girl - Eagles Of Death Metal 

6. Japanese GirlEskimo Disco 

7. French Girl - Presidents of the United States of America 

8. Russian Girl - The Artyfacts 

9. Irish Girl - Morton 

10. Turkish Girl - Bassturk 

11. Spanish Girl - The Rippingtons 

12. Swedish Girl - Lotus Child

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