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Go! Songs

If you're a good Scrabble player, you've probably memorized a long list of rarely used two-letter words that give you a competitive edge. Those of us who are not good Scrabble players only have a handful of two-letter words that we can recall-- to, is, it, of, in, on, an, am, so, no, go. Of these popular two-letter words, "No" is not only the most used, but also the most powerful. But if I had to choose a runner up, it would be "Go". The word "go" has many positive connotations. In its most basic form "go" means to move from one place to another, but it can also be used if you are sick of someone (Please go!), or if you're cheering someone on (Go, baby go!). The tone and context are everything for this small, but expressive word. This playlist includes 17 tracks that all have the title "Go".

Go! Songs   

1. Go! - Letters to Cleo

2. Go - Indigo Girls

3. Go - Ella Fitzgerald

4. Go - Pearl Jam

5. Go - Hiroshima

6. Go - Colony

7. Go - Vandals

8. Go - Zebrahead

9. Go - Jerry Vale

10. Go - The Apples in Stereo

11. Go - Asia

12. Go - Moby

13. Go - The Innocence Mission

14. Go - Pat Benatar

15. Go - blink-182

16. Go! - Common

17. Go - Daniel Ash

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