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Greatest Country Yodels

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Yodeling is a form of singing that involves projecting a note that repeatedly changes in pitch from the chest voice to the head voice, thus making a distinctive high-low-high-low sound. Even if you don't understand the technical nuance, or difficulty involved, you probably know a yodel when you hear one.

When one thinks of yodeling, most picture the Swiss, who developed the yodel technique as a way to communicate over distance in the Alps. However, the technique can be found in many cultures around the world. For this playlist I chose to focus on the yodel found within American Country & Western music. From classic old timers like Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams and Gene Autry to young up-and-comers like Slaid Cleaves, the artists found here can be counted among some of the best yodelers in recorded music history.

Even if you're one of the throngs of close-minded unenlightened who say things like, "I love all kinds of music, except country and rap", you simply can't listen to the yodeling contained in this playlist and not come away with a sincere appreciation for the talent required to pull it off.

The Playlist:

1. That's How The Yodel Was Born - Elton Britt

2. Blue Yodel #1 (T For Texas) - Jimmie Rodgers

3. Long Gone Lonesome Blues - Hank Williams

4. A Yodeling Hobo - Gene Autry 

5. Rolling Stone From Texas - Don Walser

6. Sleep Baby Sleep - Doc Watson

7. Blue Yodel - Del McCoury

8. I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart - Patsy Montana 

9. Horses And Divorces - Slaid Cleaves

10. She Taught Me How To Yodel - Kenny Roberts

11. Indian Love Call - Slim Whitman

12. Yodeling Hillbilly - Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) 

13. Lonesome Blue Yodel - Hank Snow

14. Yodelin Boogie - Rosalie Allen

15. Mule Skinner Blues - Bill Monroe

16. Ol' Montan - Wylie & The Wild West Show 

17. Back On The Texas Plains - Riley Puckett

18. Three On The Trail - Riders In The Sky

19. Big Rock Candy Mountain - Tex Morton

20. Blue Yodel No. 8 (Mule Skinner Blues) - Jimmie Rodgers 

21. Yodelin' Crazy - Rex Allen 

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