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Harvest Songs

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Harvests happen at different times of the year depending on the crop and where it's grown in the world. And back before we had the ability to ship anything from anywhere overnight, harvest time was a critical and celebratory time of year. The hard work was over and if you had a good crop there was certainly a lot to celebrate. Where I grew up, in the North Eastern part of the United States, harvest time happens in autumn, so I will always associate the harvest with cooler weather and changing leaves. But the word "harvest" has come to mean a reaping, or collecting of more than crops - one can harvest love, money, or any reward that comes from hard work. As autumn arrives I wanted to put together a playlist of "harvest songs". This one includes 15 tracks that contain the word "harvest" in the song title and it begins and ends with Neil Young. What have I missed?

Harvest Songs

1. Harvest Moon - Neil Young

2. Harvest Breed - Nick Drake

3. King Harvest (Has Surely Come) - The Band

4. Harvest - Pure Prairie League

5. Happy Harvest - Judy Garland

6. Harvest - Ani DiFranco

7. Harvest For The World - The Isley Brothers

8. Heroes of the Harvest - Arrested Development

9. Harvest Home - Big Country

10. Harvest - Clinic

11. Harvest Festival - XTC

12. Blue Harvest Blues - Mississippi John Hurt

13. Harvest of '55 - Spring Creek Bluegrass Band

14. Harvest Time - Herbie Hancock

15. Harvest - Neil Young

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