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Helicopter Songs

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Some mornings when I have my first cup of coffee I decide on a band to listen to during the workday and then proceed to select multiple albums by whoever I select. This morning I realized I had not spent much time with XTC lately. I was shocked by this lapse in judgement, so I started with Black Sea, moved onto English Settlement and then onto Drums And Wires. When the song "Helicopter" came up I thought about what a great under-the-radar song it is. Then a couple more great helicopter songs popped into my head. Namely, tracks by Bloc Party and Guided By Voices. At this point I had the start of a decent playlist, so this evening I sat down and started searching. The end result is this playlist, which features a dozen helicopter-inspired tracks. And I must say, it's a pretty good listen.

What would you add?

Helicopter Songs  

1. Helicopter - XTC

2. Helicopter - Bloc Party

3. Everywhere With Helicopter - Guided By Voices

4. Helicopter - Red House Painters

5. Helicopter - Butthole Surfers

6. Helicopter - M. Ward

7.Unmarked Helicopters - Soul Coughing

8. Helicopter Interiors - The Dead Milkmen

9. Helicopters - Barenaked Ladies

10. Helicopters - SuperJimenez

11. Helicopters - The Disco Biscuits

12.  Men In Helicopters - Adrian Belew

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