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Hip-Hop Digs Scarface

The love of the 1983 Brian de Palma directed film Scarface, starring Al Pacino, runs deep in the hip-hop community. When the film was originally released it wasn't received well by critics or the public, but has grown to legendary status and is now one of the most quoted gangster movies in history.

Scarface is notable for its extensive popularity with many hip-hop artists and fans, in particular those affiliated with gangsta rap. A number of rappers single out Tony Montana as a role model for his transition from poverty to wealth. Many Latino and Hispanic rappers dress like characters from the film, though they only opt to emulate the "street clothes" Tony's crew wears in the beginning of the movie, neglecting the flashy suits which he wears for the majority of the film. It has also become very popular to embroider or emboss images of Tony onto leather jackets and pants.

Lines from the film are also frequently sampled on hip-hop songs. The Houston-based Geto Boys were one of the earliest rap groups to sample the lines and dialogue. During Public Enemy's "Welcome to the Terrordome," Flavor Flav recites several lines from the film. Music from the movie has also been sampled in the instrumentals for hip-hop songs such as Mobb Deep's "G.O.D. Pt. III" and "It's Mine". Nas recorded a song "The World is Yours" based on the motto Tony Montana lived by. One hip-hop artist - Brad Jordan (later a member of the Geto Boys) has even gone so far as to name himself Scarface after the film, and another goes by the name Tony Montana. Various Latin rap artists such as Fat Joe, Big Pun, Cuban Link and The Beatnuts sample famous lines from the movie Scarf! ace and pay regular homage to the lead character, Tony Montana. Read more about the film at Wikipedia.

Hip-Hop Digs Scarface Playlist

1. Criminology -Wu-Tang Clan

2. My Buddy - G-Unit

3. G.O.D. Part III - Mobb Deep

4. Don't Trust 'Em - Ice Cube

5. No Rest For The Wicked - Cyprus Hill 

6. Peruvian Cocaine - Immortal Technique

7. The Bad Guy - Fabolous

8. Scarface - The Geto Boys

9. Dope Man - N.W.A.

10. Can't Knock The Hustle - Jay-Z

11. Money, Power & Respect - The Lox

12. Welcome To The Terrordome - Public Enemy

13. Mr. Scarface - Scarface

14. The World Is Yours - Nas

15. Pusha Man - Joe Budden

16. Dipset Anthem - The Diplomats

17. Tony Montana - K-REX

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