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Hip-Hop Songs That Sample Roger Troutman

Roger Troutman was part of the influential 80s funk outfit Zapp, which was made up of five brothers. The band scored some big hits including "Computer Love" and "More Bounce to the Ounce" -- you could create a playlist that contains hundreds of songs that have sampled just these two tracks. Roger was the lead singer for Zapp and was known for running his voice through a synthesizer with the use of a talk box creating a cool robotic sound. Roger was tragically murdered by his brother Larry in a 1999 murder/suicide. For this playlist I wanted to focus on the music of Roger as a solo artist and his influence in hip-hop. This playlist features 10 hip-hop tracks that sample the music of Roger Troutman.

Hip-Hop Songs That Sample Roger Troutman 

1. California Love - 2Pac

2. Hey Ladies - Beastie Boys

3. Let Me Tell You Something - T.I.

4. My Summer Vacation - Ice Cube

5. Shake & Bake - Digital Underground

6. Crossover - EPMD

7. Strobelite Honey - Black Sheep

8. Hit The Floor - Compton's Most Wanted

9. Westside Game - Jonny U

10. Slumped Out - South Central Cartel


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