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Hip-Hop Tracks That Mention Michael Jordan

A lot of names come to mind when you think about great basketball players, but no one comes close to Michael Jordan, who stands head and shoulders above all. Let's face facts, no one dominated the sport like he did. MJ is simply the best that's ever been. Here in North Carolina Jordan is even more esteemed, considering he was a Tar Heel, and currently owns the Charlotte Bobcats. His accomplishments include 2 Olympic gold medals, 6 NBA championships, 11 NBA MVP awards, #1 ESPN ranked top athletes of the 20th century, and that just scratches the surface. Jordan is also well known for the incredible amount of money he's made off the court as the most marketed sports figure in history.

This playlist includes hip-hop tracks that drop the name "Michael Jordan". What have I missed?

Hip-Hop Tracks That Mention Michael Jordan

1. Represent The Real Hip Hop - KRS-One

2. Welcome To New York City - Cam'ron 

3. The Best Of Both Worlds - Jay-Z 

4. Why Wouldn't I [Featuring Paul Cain] - Fabolous 

5. Brand New - Rhymefest 

6. Why - Jadakiss 

7. Big Girl - Nas

8. Da Graveyard - Big L 

9. Encore - Jay-Z

10. Basketball - Bow Wow

11. Outro DMX Speaks On Michael Jordan - Latruth

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