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Idiot Songs

I have a bad habit of throwing the word "idiot" around when I encounter bad drivers in traffic, or when I disagree with the talking heads on cable news networks. Sure, there are more offensive words I could use, but now that I have two small impressionable children to mold I clearly understand how my words impact them. I don't want my kids developing my bad habits -- and using the word "idiot" in anger is a bad habit.

But even as I work on eliminating the word from my vocabulary I do understand it has its place. The word is of Greek origin and was originally used to describe someone with poor knowledge of politics, or someone who is unable to reason. In modern times it came to be associated with the developmentally challenged and eventually crossed over to include the foolish as well as the stupid.

We could call someone with a low IQ an idiot, but we could also call the college student jumping off of his dorm room balcony into the pool below an idiot.

Since the word  "idiot" is so engrained in our culture it's no surprise that it can be found throughout popular music. This playlist includes songs that feature the word, not just in the lyrics, but it the song title itself.

Idiot Songs

1. Idiot Wind - Bob Dylan

2. Idiots Rule - Jane's Addiction

3. American Idiot - Green Day

4. Let The Idiot Speak - Old 97's 

5. The Idiot's Genius - Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire

6. Jack The Idiot Dunce - The Kinks

7. Museum Of Idiots - They Might Be Giants 

8. The Idiot Boy - Ron Sexsmith 

9. Idiot Heart - The Mendoza Line

10. Idiot Bastard Son - Jean-Luc Ponty

11. The Idiot Kings - Soul Coughing 

12. The Fool, The Meddling Idiot - Melvins 

13. I'm A Mindless Idiot - Meat Puppets

14. An Idiot's End - Daniel Johnston

15. The Idiots Are Taking Over - NoFx 

16. Idiot Summer - Gin Blossoms

17. Idiot - Lisa Marie Presley 

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