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Indie Chicken Songs

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Chickens are not just a popular food for we humans to consume in mass quantities, they are also a great subject for the songwriter. When they hatch they're such cute little peeps, but when they're full grown, chickens don't really have too many redeeming qualities, except as egg-givers and meat-provider. In fact, per capita chicken consumption in the United States has reached about 100 lbs. per year. Of course, gallus gallus domesticusis is also a great metaphor for someone who scares easily. The chicken can be found throughout popular culture and if you had the desire, you could find thousands of songs that mention the bird. For this playlist I've picked just 10 indie songs. Be sure not to miss the last track, "Liquidizing Chickens", which may be the most important piece of outsider art I have discovered in my career to date.

Indie Chicken Songs

1. A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off - Magnetic Fields

2. Hen Of The Woods - The Cave Singers

3. Return To Hot Chicken - Yo La Tengo

4. Chicken Head Bone Sucker - Babe The Blue Ox

5. Know Your Chicken - Cibo Matto

6. Chicken Curry - Pizzicato Five

7. Chicken - Jabberwock

8. Child Chicken Play - These Arms Are Snakes

9. Little Chicken - Coat

10. Liquidizing Chickens - Blah Blah Blah

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