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Jaguar TV Ad’s: The Greatest Hits

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As regular readers might know, we dig making playlists of songs heard in television commercials. It's become big business, and a song properly placed in the right ad can be a windfall for artists in both exposure and dollars.

To date, we have published playlists of songs featured in Honda, The Gap, Nike, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi ads. This latest installment includes tracks that have provided the soundtrack for Jaguar luxury automobiles.  One of the most notable additions to this soundtrack is "Desert Rose" by Sting. Sting's manager Miles Copland (Stewart's brother) struck a deal with Jaguar. The company could use the song for free if the commercial featured Sting as a music video does. The result was a successful ad campaign for Jaguar and a hit record for Sting. The record was doing poorly before the breakthrough advert started airing. This was the first time a brand new song by a contemporary artist was exposed to the masses via a car commercial. 

The company has also been using some hip new music to help sell their cars including songs by Spoon, Diamond Nights, Aqueduct, Massive Attack and Moby, as well as older stand-bys like Queen and The Clash.

This playlist includes a half-hour of my favorite songs to be used in Jaguar commercials.

Jaguar TV Ad's Greatest Hits Playlist
1. I Turn My Camera On - Spoon
2. The Girl's Attractive - Diamond Nights 
3. Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights - Aqueduct
4. Desert Rose - Sting
5. Signs Of Love - Moby
6. I'm In Love With My Car - Queen
7. Battle Without Honor Or Humanity #2 - Tomoyasu Hotei
8. London Calling - The Clash
9. Two Rock And A Cup Of Water - Massive Attack
10. Help These Blues - Blues Explosion

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