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Jerusalem Songs

Jerusalem conjures images of deep religious conflict. This is not surprising considering that power has changed hands 44 times in the city's history, and it's been completely destroyed twice. The history of Jerusalem is much too ample to convey in a blog post, but you should know that it's a major holy city for the world's top three monotheistic religions -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This fact makes the city very popular for pilgrims from across the globe, in addition to being a real working city of almost 800,000 people.  Jerusalem attracts great numbers of religious people and history buffs, and its rich history make it a great subject for song. This playlist includes a dozen popular music tracks that were inspired by Jerusalem.

What would you add?

Jerusalem Songs

1. Jerusalem - Steve Earle

2. Without A Shout (Jerusalem) - U2

3. Silent Eyes - Paul Simon

4. Jerusalem - Sinead O'Connor

5. Jerusalem - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

6. Oh Jerusalem - Lauryn Hill

7. Jerusalem - The Fall

8. Jerusalem - Matisyahu

9. Jerusalem - Mirah

10. Jerusalem - Eddie From Ohio

11. Mad About You - Sting

12. Jerusalem - Alphaville

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