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July 4th Songs

There are tons of July 4th playlists and compilation albums floating around out there on the Internet. Many of them are standard classical lists built to go with a celebratory fireworks display. Others are patriotic in nature, designed to inspire patriotic feelings in the listener. I'm lucky enough to be down here on beautiful Hilton Head Island for this year's 4th of July celebrations and will enjoy a traditional cookout with heavy doses of sand and surf. For a soundtrack I've built this playlist with only one criteria in mind. All of the tracks in this playlist mention the 4th of July holiday in the song title -- whether or not it was directly inspired by the birth of our nation.

Happy birthday America!   

July 4th Songs

1. 4th Of July - U2

2. 4th Of July - X

3. Independence Day - Elliott Smith

4. Fourth Of July - Robert Earl Keen

5. On The 4th Of July - James Taylor

6. 4th Of July - Aimee Mann

7. 4th Of July - The Beach Boys

8. Independence Day - Vic Chesnutt

9. Fourth Of July - Galaxie 500

10. 4th of July - Shooter Jennings

11. 4th of July - Soundgarden

12.The Star Spangled Banner / 4th Of July Reprise - Boston

13. 4th Of July - Sweet

14. 4th Of July - Keel

15. 4th Of July - Luna

16. Independence Day - Martina McBride

17. Fourth Of July - Mariah Carey

18. 4th Of July - Kelis

19. 4th Of July - Ani DiFranco

20. On Independence Day - Anti-Flag

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