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Minnesota Songs

Minnesota has a lot going for it.  This Midwestern state shares a border with Canada and Lake Superior, it has vast, fertile agricultural land, its population of 5.3 million  are among the healthiest and most literate in the United States, it's well known for stunning natural beauty and plentiful lakes, and of course, Minnesota is home to the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Both of which are centers for industry and the arts. Minnesota has produced a large number of famous musicians, which would make a fine playlist unto itself. But for this list I've selected only songs that use the word "Minnesota" in the song title. Please let me know about any I've missed.

Minnesota Songs

1. Minnesota, WI - Bon Iver

2. Minnesota Moonlight - Jeremie Owen

3. Minnesota 1945 - Eddie from Ohio

4. Minnesota Strip - The Dictators

5. Minnesota Sun - The 99ers

6. Minnesota Moon - The Big Wu

7. Minnesota Girl - The Goods

8. Girl In Minnesota - Hasil Adkins

9. Minnesota - Three Against Four

10. Minnesota Pretty - Sling

11. The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota - "Weird Al" Yankovic

12. My Minnesota State Fair - Ann Reed

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