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Mother Earth Songs

Earth Day 2011 is coming to a close and to celebrate I thought I should create an Earth inspired playlist. I've already done a playlist of my Top 10 Earth Day Songs, so for this list I've decided to use what I feel is the most powerful symbol we have to honor our planet -- Mother Earth.  During the early middle ages one of the most important deities was Mother Earth. At that time she was not depicted as human, but over time evolved to be represented by the female form. Today, the term "Mother Earth" projects an image of love, nurturing, and life itself. It makes a lot of sense -- all life as we know it is born of the Earth, and the symbol of the loving mother works. After all, who doesn't love and respect their mother?

I hope you had a great Earth Day today, why not wind it down with these 10 songs inspired by Mother Nature herself.

What's your favorite "Mother Earth" song?

Mother Earth Songs 

1. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth - Neko Case

2. Mother Earth - Memphis Slim

3. Mother Earth - Within Temptation

4. Mother Earth (Provides For Me) - Tracy Nelson

5. Peace On Earth...Mother Earth...Third Stone.. - Santana

6. Mother Earth - Julie Moffitt

7. Mother Earth - Tom Rush

8. Mother Earth - Eric Burdon

9. Mother Earth - Sweet

10. Revelation (Mother Earth) - Ozzy Osbourne

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