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All Music Guide’s Current Top 10 Artists

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There are more charts that rate, rank and classify music today than anytime in history thanks to the continued development of digital music and metadata. Traditionally, charts were driven by sales, airplay, or in some cases,  critical acclaim. Today, music can be measured in hundreds of different ways. For example, the All Music Guide chart ranks artists based on how much their name is being searched for in the All Music database. It's my view that this is a good measure of the current level of buzz a band is getting. Radio play will only tell you who the big money is behind, as will sales numbers. But which artists are currently creating the type of talk that makes people want to learn more? The All Music charts are a good place to start.  As I look at the current list of the All Music Guide's top 10 Artists, it seems that people are searching because of a long awaited new album, a mention in a tell-all book, or a tabloid-driven news item.

Or could it be because these are some kick-ass bands?

What do you think is making people search the All Music Guide for these bands this week?

All Music Guide's Current Top 10 Artists

1. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall - Coldplay

2. Bad As Me - Tom Waits

3. Have A Cigar (2011 - Remaster) - Pink Floyd

4. Heroin - Lou Reed

5. Enter Sandman - Metallica

6. Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones

7. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - Bob Dylan

8. Ain't She Sweet - The Beatles

9. Amber Jean - Neil Young

10. Bloom - Radiohead

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