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Musicians Who Have Drowned

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Last weekend I took my children to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, North Carolina to check out their incredible new orchid conservatory. My two kids, aged 2 and 4, loved it! After walking through the large glass structure we wondered through the rest of the garden which is peppered with a ton of fountains. My 2 year old is especially drawn to water and I let him explore a little more than I usually do. Well, at fountain #7 I turned my gaze to my daughter for a moment and splash! My little boy was completely under water. I pulled him out instantly and he was fine, but for a split second terror pulsed through my body.

Unfortunately for my kids, I'll probably force them to wear their life jackets on the boat until they're married. Water is dangerous, and you can find yourself in trouble in a split second.

As you will see, musicians are not immune to deadly power of water.

This playlist contains artists who have drowned or bands that have lost a member to drowning. Many are familiar with the events surrounding the great Jeff Buckley, but do you know about the others who have met a watery fate? Johnny Burnette fell from his boat. Randy California of Spirit drowned in Hawaii, but saved his son. Art Porter drown in Bankok. Brian Wilson's brother Dennis of the Beach Boys, died after diving from his yacht. And Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones was found dead in a swimming pool.

The Playlist:

1. Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley

2. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys

3. Water Woman - Spirit

4. Do It Again - Steely Dan 

5. Tag Along - Johnny Burnette

6. Just Wanna Be With You - Art Porter

7. Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones 

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