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Ode To Chocolate

The jury is still out on whether chocolate sales will suffer significantly in the current recession. It's traditionally a recession-proof product, but these days people are cutting back on luxuries in a big way, and chocolate is definitely a luxury.

An upcoming bright spot for sales is the Easter holiday. Chocolate is a treat that will be found in the Easter baskets of millions of children across the globe. In fact, Easter is one of the very best holidays for chocolate sales in the United States along with Valentines day and Halloween. Since chocolate can be easily melted down and molded into any shape imaginable it can make the perfect gift for any occasion. Children will soon find chocolate bunnies, eggs, chickens, lambs, crosses and all sots of other things in their Easter baskets.

Of course, the cult of chocolate extends way past holidays. It is rumored by some cultures to be an aphrodisiac, and many proclaim various health benefits including anti-cancer and blood pressure reduction effects.

I have not met many people in my life who don't love chocolate, musicians included. This playlist includes 25 chocolate inspired songs that you can enjoy while you bite the ears off your own chocolate rabbit this Easter.

Ode To Chocolate 

   1. Chocolate - Snow Patrol   

   2. Chocolate Jesus - Tom Waits   

   3. Chocolate Cake - Crowded House   

   4. Chocolate Lovely - Amon Tobin   

   5. Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake - Grandaddy   

   6. Hershey Bar - Stan Getz   

   7. At The Chocolate Bon Bon Ball - Leon Redbone   

   8. Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk - Rufus Wainwright   

   9. White Chocolate Space Egg - Liz Phair   

   10. Chocolate Town - Ween   

   11. Chocolate City - Parliament   

   12. Chocolate - Kozo   

   13. Sunshine And Chocolate - Semisonic   

   14. Chocolate Cake - Vinyl Kings   

   15. Chocolate - The Getaway People   

   16. Chocolat - Cornershop   

   17. Chocolate Covered Secrets - Flying Blind   

   18. Chocolate Chip - Miles Davis   

   19. Chocolate Girl - Elk City   

   20. Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You) - Isaac Hayes   

   21. Hot Chocolate Boy - Beat Happening   

   22. Morphine And Chocolate - 4 Non Blondes   

   23. Chocolate Bike - The Film   

   24. Chocolate City - Zapp and Roger   

   25. Chocolate Buttermilk - Kool & the Gang 

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