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Ode To Steve Jobs: A Playlist

How can you say something about Steve Jobs that has not already been said? The man has been written about more than any business leader in the history of the world, bar none. He was one of those rare individuals who seemed to have been born into his destiny. At least we like to think of him that way, since his accomplishments appear superhuman. Jobs will probably be the greatest inventor, designer, marketer, and business man we will see in our lifetime, and he's gone at the young age of 56. The road was not easy for Steve Jobs, but if you use an Apple product, you understand that because of the road Steve took, our roads are easier. In the last part of his career, Jobs was able to transform every business he touched. The products he brought to market have been so far ahead, it's as if they came from the future. Sadly, it was clear that Steve's health was not doing well, and many suspected the end was near, but no one except his closest friends, family and doctors knew for sure -- just as it should be. What strikes me the most, is that over the last couple of years Steve knew he was dying, yet he continued in his work. He got up on that stage and embraced the time he had left, instead of wallowing in self-pity. His greatest accomplishment may not be the transformative products he has given us, but the lessons he shared with us on how to live.

Rest in peace Steve, here's one final playlist for you.

What songs would be on your playlist to honor Steve Jobs?

Ode To Steve Jobs: A Playlist

1. Visionary - Husker Du 

2. Cupertino - Arms Exploding 

3. Macintosh Apples - Great Outdoors 

4. The Greatest Inventor Of Them All - Nat King Cole 

5. Genius Next Door - Regina Spektor  

6. Pure Genius - Rocket from the Crypt 

7. Genius - Kings Of Leon 

8. CEO Stacks - Juvenile 

9. iPod Is Hot - Byousatsu Endorphin 

10. One Infinite Loop - Defective Chords 

11. The CEO - Bucks 

12. Movements Of A Visionary - Tangerine Dream

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