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OMG! Songs

Considering that you're reading this blog on the Internet I'll assume you know what OMG is. But just in case someone happens to read this blog who is online for the very first time, OMG stands for "Oh My God". The Urban Dictionary defines it as such: "Possibly the most irritating piece of chatroom vernacular in existence. Often used by teenage girls in chatrooms who, for some reason, punctuate their sentences with "Like", "Totally", "soooooooo" and "Lolz." That definition pretty much nails it, and many people point to OMG, LOL and their ilk as evidence that the English language is devolving. I tend to agree, except I give a pass to texters. I look at it like shorthand. It's okay only in very specific situations, if you use it outside of those situations you should be promptly ridiculed.

For this playlist I've pulled together 16 "Oh My God" songs for your listening pleasure.

OMG! Songs  

1. Oh My God - A Tribe Called Quest

2. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. - Ryan Adams

3. Oh My God - Ida Maria

4. Oh My God (Featuring Lily Allen) - Mark Ronson

5. Oh My God (featuring Peaches) - Pink

6. Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs

7. Oh My God - Jay-Z

8. Oh My God - Spearhead

9. Oh My God - Jars of Clay

10. Oh My God - Moston

11. Dear God (Oh My God) - Shootyz Groove

12. Oh My God - Popgun

13. Oh My God - Nik Freitas

14. OMG (feat. - Usher

15. Omg - The Streets

16. Omg!!! (feat. K-Drama and D-Maub) - C-Micah

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