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Orchid Songs

The orchid is the most diverse flowering plant on the face of the planet with over 25,000 known species. Although the majority of orchids grow in tropical regions, they can be found in every earthly climate except for Antarctica. It's an odd dichotomy that a plant found throughout the natural world is so hard to grow at home. And people who grow orchids tend to be passionate about it, because it takes in-depth knowledge and dedication to succeed. The orchid has deep symbolism that a songwriter can put to good use. Orchids represent beauty, grace, femininity and delicateness, but they're also symbols of virility, luxury and love. For this playlist I've selected 10 songs that sing the praises of the orchid.

What would you add?

Orchid Songs

1. Blue Orchid - White Stripes

2. Bleeding The Orchid Without - Smashing Pumpkins

3. River Of Orchids - XTC

4. Orchid - Oppenheimer

5. Queen Orchid - Hellbats

6. Orchid / Lord Of This World - Black Sabbath

7. Orchids - Stone Sour

8. Black Orchid - Cal Tjader

9. Black Orchid - Stevie Wonder

10. Tape Hiss Orchid - Deerhunter

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