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Patriotic Songs For The 4th of July

July 4th is a day when Americans can put aside their political differences and celebrate the love they share for their country. No matter where you stand on the issues that face our nation, America is our home -- and we will always love our home. On Independence Day the skies of America will be lit by fireworks, children will be enraptured by parades and neighbors will gather at barbecues and picnics to celebrate the birth of their nation.

July 4 is a national holiday and the only holiday that celebrates the United States of America. Ask any American and they will tell you that the 4th of July is not complete without fireworks, American flags, American food and music.

Musical choices for the 4th include traditional patriotic songs, military marches and regional favorites. For this playlist I have pulled together some of the most popular songs that will be played at events across the USA on the 4th of July.

If your holiday will be spent at home, at a picnic with friends or at the community fireworks display this playlist can provide the soundtrack for your evening.

Patriotic Songs For The 4th of July

1. Star Spangled Banner - Charlie Daniels Band

2. America The Beautiful - Frank Sinatra 

3. Hail Columbia - 119th NYSV Field Music

4. Dixie - Patriotic Fathers 

5. Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Patriotic Fathers

6. You're A Grand Old Flag - Mormon Tabernacle Choir 

7. Yankee Doodle - Broadway Quartet

8. When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again (Vocal) - Ronnie Gilbert

9. This Land Is Your Land - Woody Guthrie

10. God Bless The U.S.A. - Lee Greenwood 

11. My Beautiful America - Charlie Daniels Band

12. Stars And Stripes Forever - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 

13. Armed Forces Medley - United States Marine Band

14. The Caissons Go Rolling Along - United States Military Academy Band 

15. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor - United States Air Force Band & Singing S

16. Living In The Promiseland - Willie Nelson

17. The West Point March - United States Army Band 

18. God Bless America - Mormon Tabernacle Choir 

19. 1812 Overture - Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 

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