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Pie: The Playlist

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Pumpkin Pie

Mmmmm..... Pie time is almost here!

Most of us don't eat pie but a few times a year. But one occasion where most of us throw caution to the wind is Thanksgiving. I always look forward to pie on the fourth Thursday in November. And there are usually two, or three different types of pie available, whether we celebrate the holiday with my family, or my wife's. My wife's family usually has lemon meringue and pecan, along with the traditional pumpkin, or apple. My family substitutes the pecan for mincemeat, or chocolate. I'm good with it either way.

The biggest problem every year is always which pie to choose -- we're usually full by the time dessert comes, but its not Thanksgiving if you don't overdo it, right? So most of us find some room for pie. I usually choose not to decide, and instead take smaller slivers of each. But when I do go for one, I'm a sucker for the traditional pumpkin.

This playlist features 10 songs, each for a different popular pie flavor that will be served on Thanksgiving. What is your family's pie tradition, and is there a song for it?

Pie: The Playlist

1. Pumpkin Pie - Joe Thompson

2. Sweet Potato Pie - James Taylor

3. Rhubarb Pie - John Fogerty

4. Blueberry Pie - Bette Midler

5. Pecan Pie - Golden Smog

6. Shoofly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy - Buddy Collette

7. Chocolate Pie - Harry James

8. Lemon Meringue Pie - Nicole Edwards

9. Apple Pie - Jaysonic

10. Cherry Pie - Warrant

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