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When Americans hear the word "pilgrim" they think of the settlers who landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts. We have an image of women in full length black dresses, and men wearing tall, black, buckled hats. Although the jury is out on how many pilgrims actually wore hats on that first Thanksgiving in 1621, there is no argument that the word "pilgrim" means something more.

A pilgrim is a traveler, someone who is usually on a a religious or cultural journey to some specific holy place. Muslims, for example, are required to make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Catholics can receive a plenary indulgence when making a pilgrimage to one of four basilicas (Saint Peter's, Most Holy Saviour at the Lateran, Saint Mary Major and Saint Paul on the Ostian Way). Or an Elvis fan may make a pilgrimage to Graceland. A pilgrim can also refer to someone who is not making a physical journey, but a spiritual one. Some believe we are only pilgrims on a journey to an afterlife.

For this playlist I've selected a dozen "pilgrim" songs to ponder. What would you add?

Pilgrim Songs

1. Pilgrim - Wolfmother

2. Pilgrim - Steve Earle

3. Pilgrims - Fairport Convention

4. Pilgrims - Widespread Panic

5. Pilgrim - Eric Clapton

6. Pilgrim - Uriah Heep

7. Pilgrims - Van Der Graaf Generator

8. Pilgrim Land - Leon Russell

9. Pilgrim - After the Fire

10. The Pilgrim: Chapter 33 - Willie Nelson

11. The Pilgrim (Act III) - Marty Stuart

12. Pilgrim - Enya

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