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Pirate Songs

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As long as valuable cargo has been shipped across bodies of water, pirates have existed. The first documented pirates are the Sea Peoples, who plundered on the Mediterranean in the 13th century B.C. Although pirates have existed all over the world the most romanticised version are the pirates who did their worst in the Caribbean from the late 1500s until the mid 1700s. People are still entranced by the pirate mystique as has been seen by the blockbuster success of Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean film series. We love the clothes, the adventure and the pirate dialect has even inspired an annual International Speak Like A Pirate day.

If you love pirates be sure to check out this playlist of pirate songs.

Pirate Songs  

1. Mingulay Boat Song - Richard Thompson


2. Jolly Roger - Roger McGuinn

3. The Ballad of Ó Bruadair / Out on the Ocean - Dan Milner

4. Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate - Pirates For Sail

5. Ten Thousand Miles Away - Gallant Sons of Erin

6. All For Me Grog - Joey Briggs

7. The Flying Cloud - Louis Killen

8. Blow the Man Down - The Seadogs

9. Fifteen Men On a Dead Man's Chest - Mike Mennard

10. Storm At Sea - Great Pirate Music

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