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Playlist: Bonnaroo 2008

2008 will be the 6th year for the Bonnaroo music festival which takes place in Manchester, Tennessee -- about 60 miles southeast of Nashville. The four day festival is held over four days in June, and although it was originally a jam band orientated event, it has grown into one of the most diverse annual music festivals in the nation. In 2008 Bonnaroo will welcome a myriad of critically acclaimed artists from a wide variety of genres including indie rock, metal, country, hip-hop, americana, reggae, jazz, folk, gospel, r&b, jam, electronica, blues, world, rock and comedy.

The name "Bonnaroo" comes from a cajun slang term that is synonymous with having a really great time. And this is exactly what 100,000 people intend to do on June 12th through June 15th on the 700 acre farm where Bonnaroo is held.

If you're lucky enough to be going this year, be safe and have a blast -- you can't really go wrong with this year's stellar line up.

Artists Appearing at Bonnaroo 2008

Mind boggling, isn't it?

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