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Playlist: Songs From Current Top Rated Albums

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There have been a lot of great new albums released lately, and I've been pretty slack about keeping up with listening to new releases. So it was definitely time for me to call upon old faithful, and dig into some seriously good tunage. I'm talking about Metacritic of course. It's a simple site that has no fancy algorithms, no snooty editors, no secret formula -- just a simple aggregator that looks across a wide range of critical reviews and averages the scores. The end result is a list of new albums that's usually right on the money. There's always something killer to be found, and I can get lost for hours quickly, so I try to limit my use. This playlist includes a single song from the current top albums as listed by


Playlist: Songs From Current Top Rated Albums

1. Yellow Belly - Thrice

2. No Banker Left Behind - Ry Cooder

3. Woodland Cathedral  - Wolves In The Throne Room

4. Everybody That You Love - Bomb The Music Industry!

5. Black Tongue - Mastodon

6. Cruel - St. Vincent

7. I Might - Wilco

8. A.D.H.D - Kendrick Lamar

9. Transformation - Terri Lyne Carrington

10. The Heart Is Willing - A. A. Bondy

11. Changing The Rain - The Horrors

12. Real Slow - Megafaun

13. Relax - Das Racist

14. Found Love In A Graveyard - Veronica Falls

15. The Muse - Laura Marling

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