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Playlist: A Whole Lot Of Honey

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Honey is a great device for songwriters to use. You can find hundreds of thousands of songs that use the word "honey" somewhere in the lyrics.

I cut this playlist down to 50 songs by limiting it to only "good" songs with the word "honey" in the song title. And there are certainly a lot I've left out.

Before you freak out on me for not including The Beatles, they're not here only because their music is not available on Spotify. So instead, you get a cover version of "Wild Honey Pie" by Phish. I put it at the end of the list.

This playlist clocks in at 3 hours, so if you need something sweet today and have some time, give it a listen.

What would be on your "honey list"?

Playlist: A Whole Lot Of Honey

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