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Not many music lovers, or music critics, have bad things to say about Radiohead. They're one of the most influential bands of the last 20 years. If I had to break it down, I'd say that the band's music possesses an abundance of things that make it great - an incredible dynamic range, tasteful & creative textures, excellent musicianship, memorable hooks, and most importantly, Radiohead is a band the obviously feels the music they're playing. It's something very hard to quantify, but you know it when you hear it, and it's impossible to keep from being sucked in.

There are a handful of critics who don't get the music of Radiohead, but for me it's just a red flag to avoid all future musical recommendations from such critics. One of the great things about Radiohead is this -- their music is just complex enough that it reveals itself over time, it's not the least common denominator, so prevalent in pop music today. Each new Radiohead album makes the listener feel as if they've earned something, and they have. Although it takes a bit of attention on the part of the listener, it doesn't require so much that it's out of reach for the average music fan.

This playlist includes 18 Radiohead songs as covered by 18 different artists. It's a great look into how their music has influenced fellow musicians.

Radiohead Covers

1. No Surprises - Luka Bloom

2. High and Dry - Jamie Cullum

3. Paranoid Android (A Cappella) - Lachi

4. Fake Plastic Trees - Lori McKenna

5. Karma Police - The Bad Plus

6. Exit Music (For A Film) - Miranda Sex Garden

7. Creep - Scala

8. Airbag - Easy Star All-Stars

9. Just - Mark Ronson

10. Climbing Up The Walls - Kate Rogers

11. 2+2=5 - Christopher O'Riley

12. Reckoner - Walt Ribeiro

13. 15 Step - The Gentlemen of Nuco

14. Everything In Its Right Place - Amnesiac Quartet

15. The Bends - Anthrax

16. Idioteque - Cory Wong Quartet

17. How To Disappear Completely (And Not Be Found) - Lunasect

18. Planet Telex - Pickin' On

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