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As I ponder the best albums for my 2007 year end list one stands out a good distance from the others. Raidiohead's In Rainbows was released digitally through the band's website with much fanfare, due to the "name your own" price sales strategy. And it is my favorite album of 2007.

I would have bought the CD, (and still will) but went to the Radiohead site and downloaded my digital version of In Rainbows on it's release date. I chose to pay £6. I then burned the MP3 files to a blank CD and proceeded to wear it out. This will be a timeless album and is an absolute must have. It is as important to a collection as The Beatles Revolver, The Beach Boys Pet Sounds, The Stones Exile on Main Street, Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, U2's The Joshua Tree, Nirvana's Nevermind or The Clash's London Calling.

In Rainbows will certainly top the year end lists of most music critics this year, and for good reason.

A perplexing thing about Radiohead is that their catalogue is still unavailable on digital subscription services. This is one of the biggest gaps in subscription services, second only to The Beatles.

So in honor of the 2007 album of the year, and to help tide us over until Radiohead arrives on YMU, I give you this collection of Radiohead covers.

The Playlist:

1. Fake Plastic Trees - Lori McKenna

2. Knives Out (KCRW Version) - The Flaming Lips 

3. Karma Police - Telepathy Crew

4. No Surprises - St. Christopher & Sleeping Doormen 

5. Creep (Originally By Radiohead)(LP Version) - Richard Cheese

6. High And Dry - Jamie Cullum

7. You And Whose Army - G-Clef & Da Houndz

8. Paranoid Android - St. Christopher & Sleeping Doormen 

9. Let Down - St. Christopher & Sleeping Doormen

10. Subterranean Homesick Alien - St. Christopher & Sleeping Doormen

11. Black Star - St. Christopher & Sleeping Doormen

12. Motion Picture Soundtrack - St. Christopher & Sleeping Doormen

13. Like Spinning Plates - St. Christopher & Sleeping Doormen

14. Sail To The Moon - St. Christopher & Sleeping Doormen

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