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Revolution Songs

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I have just returned from an unplugged vacation that extended a couple of weeks and one of the places we were going to visit was Egypt. Two days before we were set to arrive the country blew up with protests. For our own safety, we went to Istanbul instead of Cairo (hey, I'm a music blogger, not a field reporter). So for now, Egypt remains on my bucket list. I've been pretty fascinated with the events and have been thinking about how a population will only take so much before they revolt. Musicians seem to have a soft spot for the oppressed and in many cases become the voice of those who are prevented from speaking in their own words. In tribute, I wrote down the first 10 songs that came to mind with the word "Revolution" in the song title. The result is a pretty decent list, but what would make yours?

Revolution Songs

1. Revolution - The Beatles

2. The Revolution Starts Now - Steve Earle

3. Revolution Rock - The Clash

4. Revolution - Bob Marley

5. Revolution Blues - Neil Young

6. Revolution 909 - Daft Punk

7. The Revolution Solution - Thievery Corporation

8. Revolution - The Cult

9. Revolution - Los Lobos

10. Revolution Calling - Queensryche

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