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Rush Songs With Titles That Do Not Appear in The Lyrics

Here's a different way to compile a playlist. Take one band, in this case Rush, and filter the songs by selecting only those tracks where the title does not appear anywhere in the lyrics. The result, in this case, turns up 42 songs (excluding instrumentals). The list includes songs from across the spectrum of the band's large number of studio and live albums.

You won't find classic rock radio staples like "Tom Sawyer", "Subdivisions" or "Limelight", but you will find a great cross-section of the music Rush has created over 3 decades.

Play this for the diehard rush fans in your life and see if they can figure out the connection. It may just drive them crazy.

Rush Songs With Titles That Do Not Appear in The Lyrics

1. The Spirit Of Radio 

2. 2112

3. A Farewell To Kings

4. Distant Early Warning

5. The Analog Kid

6. Jacob's Ladder

7. The Body Electric 

8. Entre Nous

9. A Passage To Bangkok 

10. Red Sector A

11. The Camera Eye

12. Manhattan Project

13. Making Memories

14. Chain Lightning 

15. Armor And Sword

16. Afterimage

17. High Water  

18. Madrigal

19. Countdown 

20. Open Secrets

21. The Pass

22. Vital Signs 

23. Emotion Detector

24. Red Lenses

25. Bravado 

26. Rivendell

27. Between The Wheels 

28. Tai Shan

29. Marathon

30. Natural Science

31. Losing It 

32. Anagram

33. Double Agent

34. Lessons 

35. War Paint

36. Heresy 

37. Dreamline

38. Virtuality

39. Prime Mover

40. Presto

41. Nocturne 

42. The Larger Bowl 

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