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Santa Claus Songs

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Christmas would just not be the same without Santa Claus. His image has changed a bit since the time he evolved from Saint Nicholas, but it's safe to say that he has settled comfortably into his iconic features.

If you happen to be a jolly, rotund, older man with a long white beard, wearing a red suit lined with white fur, chances are you can't walk by children without causing a ruckus. Santa represents many of humankind's finer traits, including kindness, generosity, humor and a strong work ethic. Santa is a great role model for children, and for those of us that celebrate Christmas, he's a big part of our childhood and indeed our lives.

It's not surprising that Santa has inspired his fair share of songs. For this playlist I have selected a dozen songs that use the word "Santa" or "Santa Claus" in the title.

What am I missing?

Santa Claus Songs

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