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Saturn is a fascinating planet, and personally, I think it's the second most beautiful in our solar system after Earth, because of its huge, shimmering rings. Saturn is a large gas giant, second in size only to Jupiter in our solar system. If you could open Saturn up, you could stuff 760 Earths inside!

I think Saturn is a popular subject for songwriters because of the mystery it holds. In addition to the rings, astronomers have also been fascinated by Saturn's 62 moons, huge storms (much like hurricanes) that encircle the entire planet, and a strange, persistence hexagon pattern at the planet's North pole. Scientists can currently only speculate on what could be causing this unusual hexagonal phenomenon. It's a beautiful planet to be sure, but only from a distance.

Songwriter's have penned many tunes about Saturn, and for this playlist I've selected 10 of them.

What would you add?

Saturn Songs

1. Saturn - John Coltrane

2. Saturn - Stevie Wonder

3. Saturn Rings - Love Tractor

4. Saturn - Skillet

5. Rings of Saturn - Ocasek

6. Saturn's Moons - Graveyard Fields

7. Saturn Research - Sun Ra

8. Saturn - Xiu Xiu

9. Saturday Night On Saturn - Les Baxter

10. South Saturn Delta - Jimi Hendrix

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