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Shoegazer Smorgasbord

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In the late 1980's the alternative rock movement spun off a subgenre penned as "shoegazing" by the New Musical Express. The moniker comes from the low-key performance style of the genre's practitioners.

That is, shoegaze musicians would play while almost motionless on stage while staring at their shoes, never acknowledging the audience. Most agree that the album instrumental for the development of the shoegazing style is The Jesus and Mary Chain's 1985 debut Psychocandy.

Psychocandy provides the starting point and captures the essence of the genre's fuzzed-out, distorted, wall-of-sound instrumentation, and vocals that are just under the surface, but with big pop hook melodies. A swirling combination of psychedelia and teenage shyness wrapped up in an image that was the antithesis of the rock star.

It's a sound that sunk it's teeth into me the first time I heard Psychocandy in 1986, and it has not let go since. Of course, as with all classifications of music, the genre has overlaps, most notably, dream pop, noise pop, slowcore and goth. A new generation of shoegazer is sometimes referred to as "nugaze" and is also included here. The playlist features over 4 hours of delightfully fuzzed-up hits that are personal favorites and span from 1985 through 2006.

The Playlist:

1. Just Like Honey - The Jesus & Mary Chain

2. Soon - My Bloody Valentine

3. Venus In Cancer - Amusement Parks On Fire

4. It's Just Like Surgery - The Warlocks 

5. Drain Cosmetics - Serena Maneesh

6. The Means - Bethany Curve

7. Where It Belongs - Airiel

8. Crushed - Brian Jonestown Massacre 

9. Black Metallic - Catherine Wheel

10. Vapour - Loop

11. Love Burns - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

12. The Turtle Which Died Before Knowing - Lilys 

13. Nowhere Again - Secret Machines

14. Perfect Time - Ride

15. Witness - Bright Channel

16. Three Kids - Chadwick 

17. Two Wonderful Stars - The Curtain Society

18. She's So High - Blur

19. Sweetness And Light - Lush

20. When You Come - Dykehouse 

21. What's Going On - Blind Mr. Jones

22. It's Too Late - Asobi Seksu

23. Reed - Monoland

24. Why - Ether Aura 

25. Alison - Slowdive

26. This Is Noplace - Andalusia

27. Will You Fade - Love Spirals Downwards

28. The Old House And Its Occupants - Dreamend 

29. Waiting For It - Floorian

30. Ummo - Electro Group

31. Quick As Rainbows - Kitchens Of Distinction

32. The People - Th' Faith Healers 

33. Untitled - Kiss Me Deadly

34. Duress - Swervedriver

35. Beautiful Mind - The Verve

36. This Isn't It - Giant Drag 

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