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Son Of Sam Songs

34 years ago today Robert Violante was in his car making out with his girlfriend Stacy Moskowitz under a street lamp in the Gravesend Beach area of Brooklyn. It was about 2:35AM when a man that Violante later described as a "grubby-looking hippy with whiskers, wiry hair over his forehead, dark eyes, and wearing a denim jacket," fired a gun through his car window killing Moskowitz and leaving Violante maimed for life by a bullet that completely destroyed one of his eyes. This would be the last attack by serial killer David Berkowitz, better known as the Son OF Sam, before he was arrested. Berkowitz claimed he commited his hideous crimes because he was commanded by his neighbor's dog, who he believed was possessed by a demon. I was a kid at the time, but can remember how terrified people were, even in the community where I lived a couple hours outside of New York City. The Son Of Sam was my introduction to the fact that people could commit such pointless and random crimes.

The crimes of David Berkowitz have resulted in a number of songs on the subject, and this playlist includes a dozen of the stand-outs.

Son Of Sam Songs

1. Son Of Sam - Dead Boys

2. Son Of Sam -Elliott Smith

3. Son Of Sam - Blues Explosion

4. Son Of Sam - Meat Beat Manifesto

5. Berkowitz - Rehumanize

6. Sam, Son Of Man - Marilyn Manson

7. Son Of Sam - Destructors

8. Son Of Sam - Instar

9.  Berowitz's Dog - Forensics

10. Son Of Sam - The Curses

11. Son Of Sam - Macabre

12. Son Of Sam - Shinedown

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