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Songs About Interracial Love

There is no doubt that America has come along way from our slavery embracing past to electing our first black president, but there is still a lot more work to be done. Want proof? Spend some time with an interracial couple, and take note of the dirty looks. And for what? Because two people with a different skin color love each other? Pathetic. When I see an interracial couple it gives me hope that one day the racial divide will only be found in history books. Eventually, if the human race can survive long enough, there will only be one race born from the unions of all colors -- producing children who are living embodiments of the human race. And they will be absolutely beautiful. But until that time, it's up to us to support and embrace those who love each other, no matter what color they are. This playlist includes 10 songs that speak in some way about interracial romantic love.

There are certainly more, what would you add?

Songs About Interracial Love

1. Love Is Color-Blind - Sarah Connor

2. Heartspark Dollarsign - Everclear

3. Original Sin - INXS

4. Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones

5. I Believe - Blessid Union of Souls

6. Society's ChildJanis Ian

7. Long Way To Go - Gwen Stefani

8. Black Chick, White Guy - Kid Rock

9. The Queen And I - Gym Class Heroes

10. Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) - Alicia Keys

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