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Songs About Jeffrey Dahmer

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Like film, music can convey a myriad of emotions, including those of the vile and disgusting sort. And once in a blue moon I find myself being pulled to this dark side of music.

Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most notorious serial killers in American history, and his life and crimes have inspired many songs.

Dahmer murdered 17 young men between 1978 and 1991, and the gruesomeness of his crimes captivated the nation. This is a man who lured mostly homosexual men of color back to his north central Milwaukee apartment.

The apartment, #213, became one of the most inhuman crime scenes ever discovered when Tracy Edwards, Dahmer's intended 18th victim, escaped and waved down police. Dahmer's reign of terror was finally stopped, two months after police bungled a chance to save victim number 13, Konerak Sinthasomphone .

What was found in apartment 213 included corpses stored in acid-filled plastic vats, severed heads in the refrigerator, and what was to be an alter made from human skulls and candles. Soon it came to light that Dahmer had been practicing necrophilia and cannibalism. He commented after his capture that the biceps of his victims "tasted like beef". He also drilled holes into the heads of victims in and attempt to create his own zombies.

Jeffrey Dahmer was as twisted as a human being can become, and as such, the story spread like wildfire.

This playlist contains 10 songs about, or inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer. Most of the playlist sounds as it should. Disturbing and creepy. It's heavy on industrial gothic and metal, but ends with a few less-eerie tracks.

The playlist is closed out by "Dahmer is Dead" by the Violent Femmes, which rejoices in Dahmer's death at the hands of a fellow inmate and a broomstick.

Songs About or Inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer

1. Dahmer The Embalmer - Blood Duster

2. Apartment 213 - Acumen Nation

3. Room 213 (Frozen Heart Mix) - GGFH

4. Sinthasomphone - Venetian Snares

5. Still Born/Still Life - Part 2 - Christian Death

6. 213 - Slayer

7. Apartment 213 - HotrodboB

8. Dirty Frank - Pearl Jam

9. Jeffrey Dahmer Eat Your Heart Out - The Calm Before

10. Dahmer Is Dead - The Violent Femmes

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