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Songs About Serial Killers

Serial killers are a subject of great fascination in America. There are scores of best selling books and box office hits based on these abominations of society. Their popularity is fueled by both a natural morbid curiosity and the desire to be scared just for the thrill of it. A serial killer is defined as someone who has perpetrated multiple murders with the victims usually being unknown to the killer. The phrase "serial killer" first appeared in the in the 1970s and is credited to either Robert Ressler (FBI) or Dr. Robert Keppel (arguments exist on who actually coined the term). It was meant to help distinguish murderers who claim victims over a long period of time from those who claim multiple victims at once (mass murderers). A third type of multi-person killer is a spree killer.

Serial killers usually have a "cooling-off" period in between killings and many times lead what appears to be a normal life. Indeed, this is probably another reason why they fascinate us. Sexual abnormalities are also involved in many cases. 

Serial killers are in a different category than those whose actions are spurred by greed, jealousy or for political / religious reasons. Some serial killers revel in the notoriety they receive.

Would we have less serial killing if the media did not give them the attention they so desire? It's a good question and not one we can answer here. One thing we know for sure is that serial killers have unfortunately achieved "cult" status in many subcultures.

Of course, the subject of serial killers has also made its way into music. Some are sung from the perspective of the killer or the victim, others are stories based on a fictional monster, while still more are about real life killers like Jeffrey Dahmer or Richard Speck. The following playlist contains songs about serial killers as taken from a diverse range of musical genres.

Enjoy, but not too much…

Please add and songs about serial killers that you are aware of , which did not make the list, in the comments.

Songs About Serial Killers

1. Midnight Rambler - Rolling Stones

2. Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen

3. John Wayne Gacy, Jr. - Sufjan Stevens

4. Excitable Boy - Warren Zevon 

5. Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

6. Jack The Ripper - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

7. Murder By Numbers - The Police 

8. Son Of Sam - Elliott Smith

9. Skinned - Blind Melon

10. Jack The Ripper - Morrissey 

11. The Ballad Of TV Violence (I'm Not The Only Boy) - Cheap Trick

12. Ted, Just Admit It - Jane's Addiction

13. Dirty Frank - Pearl Jam 

14. Bloodbath In Paradise - Ozzy Osbourne

15. Hitchhiker Joe - The Rugburns

16. I Love The Dead - Alice Cooper 

17. Gary Gilmore's Eyes - The Adverts

18. Serial Killer - Cold

19. Psycho Joe - Blues Traveler 

20. Serial Killer 101 - Velvet Acid Christ

21. The Ripper - Judas Priest

22. The Dead Body Man - Insane Clown Posse 

23. Real Solution #9 (Mambo Mania Mix) - White Zombie

24. Jonestown - Concrete Blonde

25. SST Superstar Charles Manson - Ultraviolet Eye

26. Lord Abortion - Cradle Of Filth 

27. Dead Skin Mask - Slayer 

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