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Songs About Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street protest is winding down its third week, with no signs of slowing.  But even as the published demands are absolutely daffy (i.e.: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment, One trillion dollars in ecological restoration, One trillion dollars in infrastructure, Outlaw all credit reporting agencies, etc.) they have succeeded in setting the national conversation. And in that, they can already claim a victory. People are talking about how we can make the country a better place, and that's always a good thing. Although I disagree with most of their tenets, I will defend their right to protest to the death. I believe wholeheartedly that the act of speaking up is an act of patriotism. I'm just not sure they have a grasp of how an economy of our scale works, and that the majority of Wall Street employees are not child-eating devil worshipers.

As Wall Street remains a site of protests, and a new symbol of our failing economy, I thought it was time for a playlist of Wall Street songs.

So where do you stand on the protests, and what would be on your songlist?

Songs About Wall Street

1. Wall Street Blues - Procol Harum

2. The Wall Street Rag - Herb Alpert

3. Wall Street Wail - Duke Ellington

4. The Wall Street Shuffle - 10cc

5. Wall Street Bongo - Yello

6. Wall St. Wonderland - The Chase

7. Black Wall Street - The Game

8. Walkin' Down Wall St. - The Royal Pets

9. Wall Street - Eden

10. Good By Wall St. - Henry Flynt

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