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Songs Featuring Keith Richards

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Keith Richards IS rock and roll.

That's quite a statement to make, but before you freak out on me, let's look at my reasons.

1. Richards' is a foundational member of the Rolling Stones, not just one of the most important rock bands in the history of  music, but one that is still going strong.
2. Richards' loose guitar style is singularly influential, and it oozes the cool that fuels rock n' roll.
3. Look at the man. Here's an iconic rocker, pushing 70 that make no bones about living the rock and roll lifestyle to the fullest. Blood transfusion anyone?
4. Keith is so cool that Johnny Depp has made a career imitating him in Disney pirate films.

Considering that Keith has many fans, and that he's known to jam with anyone who has a pulse, I'e put together this playlist of songs that Keith performs on outside of his "main gig".

Songs Featuring Keith Richards

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