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Songs For A Nervous Breakdown

A "nervous breakdown" is a term that can be used to describe the tipping point of someone who suddenly becomes depressed, acts violently, changes behaviour dramatically, or someone who has simply reached their max stress level. It usually describes a temporary state and is not a medical term, but a generalized phrase used in popular culture. The "nervous breakdown" can help a songwriter paint a powerful image, and it works quite well in rock and roll, which has a reputation for being on edge to begin with. For this playlist I've selected 10 "nervous breakdown" songs. I hope you never find yourself having one, but there's no harm in experiencing one vicariously through song.

What's your favorite nervous breakdown song? I'm gonna go with Black Flag.

Songs For A Nervous Breakdown 

1. Nervous Breakdown - Black Flag

2. 19th Nervous Breakdown - The Rolling Stones

3. Nervous Breakdown - Eddie Cochran

4. Teenage Nervous Breakdown - Little Feat

5. Nervous Breakdown - St. Louis Jimmy Oden

6. The Nervous Breakdown - Brad Paisley

7. Nervous Breakdown - Nerf Herder

8. Born With A Nervous Breakdown (Rework breakdown mix) - Phantom/Ghost

9. Late Night Nervous Breakdown - The Question Marks

10. My Very First Nervous Breakdown - Television Personalities

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