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Songs For Bankers

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I have already published a list of "Wall Street Songs" to go along with the Occupy Wall Street protests, which are still continuing and spreading across the country. I thought I would build on the theme with this playlist made up of songs about bankers. Honestly, I feel sorry for bankers. Overnight, they went from having a career to be proud of, to being more hated than used car salesmen and personal injury attorneys. Bankers are your best friend when you need a loan, but your worst enemy when you can't pay it back. But right now it's the bankers who are worried as mass layoffs in the financial sector are adding tens of thousands more to the ranks of the unemployed. This playlist includes 11 songs about bankers.

What would you add?

Songs For Bankers

1. Banker's Blues - Big Bill Broonzy

2. No Banker Left Behind - Ry Cooder

3. Banker's Son - Joe West

4. Mr. Banker - Lynyrd Skynyrd

5. Banker - Cinema

6. Bankers Bonus - My Name Is Earl

7. Young Banker - The Watersons

8. Burn The Bankers - The Cutler 

9. British Bank (The Life I Lead) - Neal Hefti

10. Fidelity Fiduciary Bank - Neal Hefti

11. A Bunch Of Bankers - The Jimmy Cash Band

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