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Songs For Nags

WARNING: This post has male chauvinist pig leanings!

Is there a nag in your life? Is it driving you crazy? If so, this playlist will help. It'll make you realize that you're not alone. You're just one of millions who are nagged by the woman they love.

I don't like to give into stereotypes, but let's face it, some women just can't stand to see their significant other enjoying pastimes like watching football, reading the newspaper, or playing video games. Unfortunately for us, many wives and girlfriends have no qualms about letting us know that we should be doing something better with our time. And they usually do so in the most high-pitched, chill-inducing voice humanly possible.

"Did you take out the trash? Walk the dog! Yakety Yakety Yakety Blah Blah Blah! Get off the couch, you gonna sleep all day? Get up and go change the air in the tires!" etc...

And the icing on the cake is the inevitable, "if you cared about me, you would do these things without me having to ask."


Well my brothers, I hear you loud and clear! It's time for us to unite and stand firm! We men work hard, and we don't live as long as women for one reason.

The incessant nagging!

If you understand where I'm coming from, this playlist was built for you. The next time you're being nagged just click play. Your significant other should get the hint. If not, come on over and bring some beer.

Please add any "Nag Songs" I may have missed to the comments.

The Songs For Nags Playlist

1. You Talk Too Much - George Thorogood & The Destroyers

2. Honey Do - John Fogerty

3. Talk Talk - Talk Talk

4. You Talk Too Much - John Lee Hooker 

5. Honey Hush - Albert Collins

6. You Talk Too Much - Run-D.M.C.

7. Do Not Nag - Jay Leonhart

8. Naggin' Woman - Lyndon Needs 

9. Suddenly Mary - The Posies

10. Givin' Up - The Darkness

11. You Talk Way Too Much - The Strokes

12. Leave Me Alone - Lou Reed 

13. I Can't Hear You - Donnie Iris

14. Henpecked Blues - Mark Brumfield

15. Wife Naggin' - Cledus T. Judd

16. The Nag - John Scofield 

17. Yakety Yak - The Coasters 

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