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Songs From This Week’s Top Independent Albums

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Independent music gets a lot more respect today than it has in past decades. Not too long ago it was extremely expensive and difficult for an artist to release an album. The recording, mixing, mastering, distribution and marketing were high hurdles to clear for unsigned acts.  Today, with some relatively inexpensive computer software and an Internet connection, even artists on a shoestring budget can record, mix, master, distribute and market their own music. Businesses like Topspin Media  even offer independent musicians a complete direct-to-fan platform that can completely eliminate the dependence on middle men who take the lion's share. Yes, independent music has certainly come a long way in a short amount of time. And it's not just DIY punk rock and alternative college bands doing the indie thing. Everyday, established artists are kicking record company dinosaurs to the curb as contracts expire. After all, it never really made sense that an artist should take a minor royalty for something THEY created, did it? The tables are turning, and today, it's the record companies begging the talent for a chance.

For this playlist I've selected one track from each of Billboard's current top 10 independent albums. So if you don't like supporting corporate rock, this is the place for you.

Songs From This Week's Top Independent Albums

1. Art Of Almost - Wilco

2. Oh Well, Oh Well - Mayday Parade

3. My Kinda Party - Jason Aldean

4. Radiosurgery - New Found Glory

5. Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons

6. Last Temptation - Chickenfoot

7. Awakening - Blessthefall

8. How I Fly Feat. Avery Storm - Styles P

9. Beauty Queen Sister - Indigo Girls

10. Sunday Best Medley 1 - Le'Andria Johnson

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