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Songs Inspired By Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick

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My all time favorite novel is the classic Herman Melville tale, Moby-Dick. Long considered a Great American Novel, the story of Captain Ahab and the great white whale paints a perfect picture of America's whaling era and comments on the destructive power of obsession. The story is a brilliantly written symbolic work, but I have even more fondness for it because I came of age in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. This is a town where many world-class whaling ships where built during the whaling era including the Acushnet, the vessel that took Melville on the whaling voyage that would inspire the book. Moby-Dick has influenced millions since it was first published in October of 1851 and many of those who fell in love with it have gone on to become authors and songwriters. For this playlist I've selected songs that have been directly inspired by the book.

Songs Inspired By Herman Melville's Moby-Dick 

   1. Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin
   2. Ahab - MC Lars 

   3. Moby Book - Steve Goodman
   4. Blood And Thunder - Mastodon 

   5. Below The Sun - Ahab 

   6. Boudreaux Was A Nutcase - The Austin Lounge Lizards 

   7. Harpoon Fever (Queequeg's Playhouse) - Man Man 

   8. Tribute to Moby Dick - Sodom 

   9. Beneath These Waves - Demons & Wizards  

   10. Great White Whale - Secret And Whisper 

   11. Ahab and The Whale - David Citrone 

   12. Ahab's Leg - Thomas Chapin 

   13. The Pepuod > Ahab > The Pequod  Umphrey's McGee  

   14. QueeQueg - Evangenitals  

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