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Songs For Overeating

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The average American gains about 1 lb. during the winter holiday season. This is caused by two things. First, most of us are less active in the winter because it's too cold for many of the outdoor activities that help us burn calories during the warmer months. Second, Thanksgiving and Christmas are both holidays where people tend to eat way too much. If you want to maintain your weight during the winter you need to add to your physical activity -- skiing, basketball, or more time at the gym are all good suggestions. You can also pay close attention to what you eat over the holidays, but that can be really hard to do. Especially when you don't want to be a downer for those throwing caution to the wind. So, just pick up your activity level and you can still enjoy all the great holiday food that will surely be passing under your nose.

For this playlist I've pulled together 10 songs for those who overeat, and find themselves  laying around watching football with their belts loosened. Let it be a reminder that the party will come to an end, but the extra pounds will remain unless we choose to do something about it.

What songs would you add?

Songs For Overeating

1. Eat It - "Weird Al" Yankovic

2. Fat - Violent Femmes

3. I Ate Too Much - Moxie Block

4. Fatback - Scoot Pittman

5. Hah, So This Is Gluttony - rad.

6. My Old Man's A Fatso - The Queers (Angry Samoans cover)

7. Submerged in Gluttony - Ulceration

8. Eat Too Much - Joe Merrick

9. Guess We Ate Too Much - Kid Icarus

10. You Eat Too Much - Randy McDonald

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