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Songs That Mention Mickey Mouse

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Last week, Mickey Mouse celebrated his 82nd birthday. The famous rodent has come a long way since the day when he was first drawn by Ub Iwerks under the direction of Walt Disney. He is, without a doubt, Walt Disney's most famous icon and has even become a symbol of the USA. Disney has millions of rabid and dedicated fans and many musicians have penned songs in Mickey's honor. But Mickey Mouse has also become synonymous with corporate-produced entertainment, tackiness and/or low quality -- many musicians have used the icon with this connotation in mind. This playlist looks at a dozen songs that mention Mickey Mouse somewhere in the lyrics in a positive light, a negative light, or simply as a nod to popular culture.

What have I missed?

Songs That Mention Mickey Mouse

1. Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man - Grinderman

2. Giant For A Day - Gentle Giant

3. The Right Somebody To Love - The Mamas & The Papas

4. Idiot Box - The Aquabats

5. Everything Zen - Bush

6. Over There Sh*t - House of Pain

7. My 1st Single - Eminem

8. Dr. Dooom's In The Room - Dr. Dooom

9. Mickey Mouse - Sly and Robbie

10. Contradictive - Tricky

11. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme - They Might Be Giants

12. Dance On - Prince

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