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Songs That Mention Mr. Spock

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Yesterday I posted a playlist of songs that mention Captain Kirk. Well, where there is a Kirk, there must be a Spock. When it comes to Star Trek I've always thought that Spock was one of the most interesting and intriguing characters. I suppose if I had to pick a single favorite, it would be Spock. The whole internal battle between his Vulcan side (logic) and Human side (emotion) was such a great device, and many great storylines were built on it. It also didn't hurt that Leonard Nimoy's acting chops were light years ahead of William Shatner. But I'm not the only one to count Spock as a favorite, he's also thought of fondly by many songwriters and this playlist features 10 tracks that mention him somewhere in the lyrics.

Songs That Mention Mr. Spock  

1. Mr. Spock - Nerf Herder

2. Daaam!- Tha Alkaholiks

3. Blue Flowers - Dr. Octagon

4. Space Hos - Danger Doom

5. Friends - Adam Ant

6. Lately - The Ataris

7. Yellow Lasers - MC Frontalot

8. Blood Brothaz (Featuring Planet Asia) - Rasco

9. Takin' the Loss (Feat. Jugga the Bully) - CunninLynguists

10. I Sell Rhymes Like Dimes - (featuring M.F. Doom/Megalon) - Greedy Fingers

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